Ironstone Land and Building Design

A Bridge to Nature

44 Acres, Bethany Hills, ON

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The Story of 44 Acres

This property was mostly bush, entangled with vines and dotted with scraggly pine groves, but it also had a wild beauty ready to be uncovered. There is something different about it-perhaps the diversity of the plant life.

Most intriguing, though, is the water running through it. One creek runs east, falling 90 degrees in elevation over its run. Another creek runs into a larger stream nearby. In providing a backdrop for a home, this water has great value for its intrinsic beauty but also as a potential source of energy.

On both sides of the stream there are dramatic stands of birch, an array of white and grey that takes your breath away. Together, the property's water and plant life provide shelter and food for wildlife and add greatly to the area's natural heritage.

We are gradually interpreting this property, finding the best ways to reveal its potential: and help it become what it was meant to be. A dirt laneway runs past open farmland bordered by split-rail fences. It's easy to picture a bountiful garden or beds of old-fashioned peonies and lilies. As it crosses a stream, you can hear the water tumbling under a new bridge fashioned from reclaimed iron and timber.

This property isn't being developed-it's evolving, being transformed into a setting for a home that respects its surroundings and reflects the quiet beauty. The person interested in acquiring this land will honour its ecological value while reconnecting with nature and experiencing the tranquility all around.