Ironstone Land and Building Design

Dramatic Ballyduff

Ballyduff Road, Bethany Hills, ON

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705 340 2625

100 acres of escape.

Very private location on the end of gravel road.

Three bedrooms, two new bathrooms, laundry, expansive 500-square-foot deck, radiant floor heat, open concept main floor rooms, new kitchen cabinetry, new appliances, marble countertops.

Architectural drawings for an attached guest house.

The Story of Ballyduff

This property didn't seem all that special at first. Working with land to create a backdrop, a canvas for future structures, is the usual Ironstone approach. This property already had a house and its Bauhaus architecture did not appeal. At first.

It was built by an architect as a second home. A scale model replica in the basement revealed both what he saw and what he envisioned but hadn't completed. The house was set on top of a hill to take advantage of energy from the sun and to highlight views not yet created. A walk through the property prompted visions of majestic views waiting to be showcased. Nestled into one of the ridges characteristic of the southern Kawartha Lakes area, this house was an architectural showpiece, but it needed the right setting outside and the right feel inside to make it perfect.

Inside, the house felt industrial, cold, unwelcoming. We enhanced several rooms with the warmth of cedar, added marble here and vintage lighting there, and put copper detailing around the fireplace. One detail we're especially happy about: From the upstairs bathtub, a new porthole window frames a view that seems to stretch for a hundred kilometres.

Outside, months of work went into opening and reshaping the surroundings to bring those nascent views to the fore while creating a sense of protection and comfort. These vistas now seem so much a part of the place that it's as if nature itself created them. Hiking trails meander through the once-impenetrable thickets, offering a chance to enjoy nature up close.